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~ The Benefits Of Studying Music ~

Music Masters Canada

The study of music has a profound effect on certain areas of the brain, and helps to speed up the development of certain skills, such as language and reasoning, and problem solving.
Learning anything musical takes patience and listening, and in the study of music, you literally fine tune that skill.  How many of us remember taking tests, that if we had listened to the instructions more closely, would have done much better?
Same thing applies to the work place, later in life. And how many of us need to learn greater patience?  Studying music you: get what you put in to it. There is a direct cause and effect relationship.
The satisfaction of knowing that you are improving a skill, is worth it’s weight in gold. When a student looks up and smiles for the first time, after realizing that it’s really working, they are making that beautiful sound, and that they have earned it, is magical. Once that little first moment happens, it’s the love affair that never ends...

In the study of music, there is almost always more than one solution to a musical problem. That is a great way to get someone to learn to think for themselves, become less of a cog in the wheel and more of a creative leader, an innovative thinker, thinking outside the box.
Playing an instrument or using your voice is an amazing and healthy way of relieving stress. How many successful people, pick up a guitar at the end of a day, or sit down at the piano, or any other instrument, where they get fulfillment and joy, from the mere act of doing so.
Learning this stuff as a child,  gives a young person a head start, in the healthy and soothing act of stress relief. Adults already know this, and IF they were lucky enough to play an instrument while they were young, often return to it later in life because the benefits far outweigh any practice time. It just FEELS SO GOOD to play.
Playing an instrument or using your voice is a great self confidence builder, and brings out a person’s uniqueness. Most people have rated speaking in public, as THE MOST stressful and sometimes, terrifying experience of their lives.  However, we’re pretty sure that IF singing in public had been on that list, it would have well topped everything else, by a large margin. So, what if that fear was dealt with early on in life? … imagine how that could effect a person throughout their lifetime?  It would certainly create a more  fearless person than one who had never tried.
Communication skills advance: in taking on a study of music, because it is very interactive, and requires questions and answers constantly. Students should feel like they are being heard, and that they are receiving undivided attention from an adult. That is something that they rarely get elsewhere. With a good teacher (and we feel we have among the best of the best), students blossom with self-confidence and become better at articulating themselves.
So, to recap, a study of music creates better skills for:
  • thinking and problem solving
  • patience and listening
  • independent, thinking “outside the box” and creativity
  • stress relief
  • greater self-confidence and having fearlessness
  • happiness
  • communication and articulating thoughts
  • cardiovascular improvement
So, here is the list of articles that we think you will find helpful, and actually a very small sample of the overwhelming evidence that music is good for you:
“12 BENEFITS OF MUSIC EDUCATION” by Carolyn Phillips


“What Are the Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument?”

“Playing a Musical Instrument Reverses Stress on the Genomic Level”

“Playing music can be good for your brain / Stanford study finds it helps the understanding of language

“Music and Stress”

We just had to   include this one, because it indicates that JUST LISTENING to music, has benefits for your Cardiovascular system!

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